Love me in Liguria: wedding at the Grand Hotel Miramare

Love me in Liguria: wedding at the Grand Hotel Miramare

Finally, he proposed to me. As he knelt in front of me that evening, I felt my heart skipping a beat. What a thrill! I still remember the slight flicker in his voice and the light in his eyes. How couldn’t I love him? He was the man of my life and soon we would be husband and wife.

From that moment on, I did not waste a moment and started to organize our special day. Among the thousand things to choose, we gave the absolute priority to the location. Since both my fiancée and I were born and raised in seaside villages, we really wanted to value our origins. That’s why today we are here, at the Gran Hotel Miramare, in our beloved land: Liguria.


A sea view location: Grand Hotel Miramare

The sea whispers behind our back while we admire the majestic façade of the Grand Hotel Miramare.

Its elegant Art Nouveau style welcomes us at first, and then its pure white color glimmers because of the reflection of the water, over which it overlooks. But first, we cross the Mediterranean gardens following the well-finished walkway.

I turn my sight around for a moment and I can’t help being enchanted by the palette of colors surrounding me. The deep blue of the sea, the shiny white of the marbles, the fresh green of the plants and the pastel spots of the blossoming flowers. How come, for a painting to come to life?

We go through the main entrance, then we enter a romantic patio which overlooks the sea. The Tigullio Gulf extends in front of us and Portofino lies in the background. I see the white wrought-iron chairs arranged in rows and I already see myself there, walking down the aisle in just a few months.


The romantic dining room

Here we are now, in Veranda Marconi, the most refined and romantic dining room I have ever seen. I can picture it in my mind: set up for the wedding, with white tablecloths, floral centerpieces saturating the atmosphere with their scents and lots of lanterns. The large glass windows let brightness and freshness enter and spread through the entire room. However, the breathtaking landscape is the best part: the light blue glimmers of the pool, a few steps away, almost merges with the colors of the sky and the sea. The harmony of these nuances is a pleasure for the sight and the soul. I admire this beauty and realize meanwhile that the peace reigns supreme in this paradise. I already feel at ease.

Then I see a small gazebo a few meters from us. We’re told that this place is devoted for cutting the wedding cake. Suddenly I feel my face lighting up. Is there any better way to frame such a sweet moment? I don’t think so.


“The perfect place for our wedding”

As soon as our visit comes to an end, we go back to the entrance. Before leaving, tough, we rest a bit on the deck chairs in the outdoor garden. The sea breeze tickles us and the warm sunbeams brush our skin. Summer is coming. I can’t avoid smiling, for I think I’ll be here again in a year time, to take the most important step in my life until now.

Yes, in this very place, because this location is beyond doubt the perfect one for our wedding. I let myself enchant by the elegance and intimacy of the Grand Hotel Miramare. The sight over the sea from every corner makes me feel at home. Finally, we have found the perfect place for our wedding.


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