Wedding Guestbook: your guests matter too!

Wedding Guestbook: your guests matter too!

Wedding guestbook: a book for all your guests

Today we’re going to explain to you what a guestbook truly is, since it has become a very fashionable gadget in every chic wedding. As its name suggests, the classic guestbook is an elegant little book to put at the entrance of the reception location, so that all the guests can sign it and leave a sweet memory-dedication to the newlywed. An album of signatures, a very personal and emotional “gadget” that will always make you remember how happy you were while surrounded by your loved ones.

If your creative inspiration is still alive after the everlasting wedding planning, here’s our list of original guestbooks, to mix and match with the inner theme of your wedding.


Signature and dedication

You don’t want to go too far away from the traditional combo signature + dedication? Don’t worry, the range of original ideas is still huge! For a “country feeling” wedding, here’s the last shabby chic touch you were waiting for: a wooden, “floral” shape on which every guest can leave its own signature with coloured markers! The perfect accessory to hang above your new king-sized bed!

wedding guestbook signature

The alternative for the more romantic couple is this very sweet signed tree. With the shape of a real painting, this tree like guestbook will blossom with signatures and sweet dedications for the happy couple: every leaf a declaration of love! If instead you want to go all the way with the romanticism, you just need to replace the leaves with little wooden hearts. 

wedding guestbook tree                                 wedding guestbook hearts



Photographic … evidence!

After all the hours spent on makeup and hairstyle, there is nothing more satisfying for the bride to be the queen of every pictures. But what about all the other guests? Choosing the right dress to wear at a wedding is not an easy task, so why don’t reward your guests with their personal photoshoot? Just grab a polaroid and a huge picture frame and let your guests find the righ light for the perfect selfie: there you have it, a very original – and fun – photograpich wedding guestbook!

wedding guestbook pictures


Relationship advices

We always say that the wedding can’t be the final destination, but only the start of the journey… so why don’t help the young wedding couple to keep alive the burning flame of their love? From the advices to the most romantic dates to the coolest ideas to how to take care of your wedding, your guests can become an valuable source of good relationship advices!

wedding guestbook advices             wedding guestbook advices