Wedding in…Bibione

Wedding in…Bibione

Why Bibione?

Wedding in Bibione is synonymous of kilometers of beach along the blue sea, surrounded by beautiful pine forest that blends with the Mediterranean scrub, for an unique and spectacular effect.


We are talking about Bibione, seaside town in Veneto, that still fascinates tourists from all over the world, is the perfect place for your wedding day because is more than just sand and sea; its lagoon, with a network of canals from which surface the many “Casoni”, typical fishermen’s houses, makes it the perfect place for romantic trips by boat or kayak.

Bibione: leisure and well-being

The sun above you will incite you to dance on the seashore, where you can have fun with your partner taking salsa dancing class, whereas, at the end of the day, you can enjoy a romantic horse ride or a long walk along the banks of the Tagliamento river.

Bibione is the land of water, a vital source for this area that never ceases to amaze: let yourself be pampered by the thermal water treatments that flows naturally in this area, with its many therapeutic Spa approved by the Ministry of Health.

Maybe it’s the water, the sea, the freshwater, the spectacular vegetation and the thousands of beautiful orchids that grow spontaneously that makes Bibione the ideal backdrop for a wedding of particular taste, one of salt water and fresh dew.698501_960_720-1-e1476086358648

Agriwedding: shabby chic wedding

The territory conformed incredibly well with the innovative agriwedding package; the rural characterisation and the conviviality of a wedding of simple flavors like nature itself, combined with the fashion trend, even among celebrities, where you can customize every detail in order to make unique your own wedding day. If the price is cheap and the result is romantically magical, it’s easy to see why Bibione has decided to invest so much in such niche of the market. Seeing is believing!