Wedding in Lazio: getting married at the Heart of Italy

Wedding in Lazio: getting married at the Heart of Italy

Dreaming your wedding in Rome is a timeless magic! Because a wedding in Lazio, whether in Rome or in the uncountable locations of the region, is able to gift the bride and the groom with a magical dream. It’s like opening an enchanting set of opportunities. Experiences, expressions, memories, emotions and dreams coming true! Moreover, it seems like living a fairy tale, where princes and princesses come alive into your wedding fable, while you can feel every single breath of this magical dust.

Then, choosing a wedding location within Lazio region as the frame of a magical wedding means to get a combination of 4 magic spells: Magic, History, Sunlight and Dolce Vita… That’s Amore!

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The city of Rome, obviously, is an unlimited source of inspirations for each bride dreaming a fairy tale wedding. Stunning churches of the italian capital city over the most famous gardens and patrician villas in the world: Pincio Terrace, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona, Villa Borghese, the magnificent Colosseum, Parco degli Acquedotti (ancient Romans’ Aqueducts Park) where the arches kissed by sun project futuristic and geometrical shadows on ground. In addition, walking down the streets and squares of Rome is like living in a permanent movie. You’ll easily find centurions dressed in ancient costumes around Colosseum, horses coaches, monumental churches, Vatican City and much more.

Not only this, even much more. When you go outside Rome, you’ll discover another magic world as beautiful and dreaming as the Italian capital.

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Castelli Romani

Famous, timeless, dreaming hills. Castelli Romani zone is composed of a magical constellation of small towns placed on Colli Albani, southeast of Rome. Here ancient noble Roman Families built their patrician villas, now open for exclusive and classy people.

Albano, a sunny and touristic location with a pleasant lake, the traditional Ariccia with its tipical “porchetta” (full roasted pork cut in big rounded slices), the peaceful Nemi with its melancholic lake and its sweetest wild strawberries. Then, the holy street (Via Sacra) until Castelgandolfo where the Pope usually spends his summertime. Additionally, Genzano and Rocca di Papa, both sweet and nice. In the end, the precious Grottaferrata.

Within this large variety of proposals is obviously easy to find the perfect location for a stunning wedding. In case of doubt on which is the better for your wedding, let the fine fragrances of traditions and the fine Art hidden in the patrician villas show you the right location for your perfect event. Furthermore, this zone is easy to get to, because the proximity to Ciampino Airport.

This is the part of Lazio region perfect for a wedding at the gates of Rome, with the inspiring beauty of this city and the virtue of some of the most beautiful patrician villas in Italy.

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Alto Lazio

Leaving the Capital city direct to the north, there is a wonderful zone consisting of the northern province of Rome until Civitavecchia and, moreover, provinces of Viterbo and Rieti. The first we meet is Bracciano Lake, a magical smooth lake famous for its landscapes and panoramas, often selected for fine weddings by the roman high class society. Let’s go on untile the Bolsena Lake, another natural artwork with its magical essence: it is famous and over-photographed for being naturally hearth-shaped by Mother Nature. It is really a gift of God to Humans. There are also other stunning towns like Civita Castellana and Bagnoregio, moreover the clearly famous and struggling Amatrice.

Not only small towns and lakes, but also wonderful cities. For example, the fascinating Viterbo called the Popes City, the traditional city of Rieti full of timeless magic. So, from magical cities, let’s go down to the sea. The coast is famous both as holiday resort as thermal resorts, nonetheless for its historical Etruscan roots culminating in Vulci Park.

This is the part of Lazio perfect for a wedding dedicated to magic. Remind ancient times when princes and princesses was used to embroider love weaves and intrigues sewing them on natural noble warps. And if you want a very traditional wedding, here you’ll find genuine flavors and tastes and convivial wine.

wedding in lazio Viterbo Città dei Papi


Basso Lazio

As drawn by the wise pencil of an old italian architect, this area is placed among the provinces of Frosinone and Latina. In summary, it is a bunch of positivity: beautiful, stunning, impressive, captivating, engaging, fascinating, vibrant, luxuriant. Additionally, full of natural and traditional peculiarities, honest, refined in great details. Most importantly: real, genuine, true. The southern zone of Rome, more than anything else, perfectly combines the versatility of mountains landscape with enchanting coasts making the passage from sea to hills and viceversa possible, in a while.

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From the hyper-famous Gaeta, renowned all around the world as one of the most beautiful coast in Italy, let’s go up until Sperlonga. Then, travelling along the Via Flacca directed to Villa di Tiberio and the Ninfa Garden, you will reach the classy Sabaudia, one of the most selected holiday beach by VIPs. Then, if you prefer mountains, take a look to the stunning Monte Circeo.
On the other side, listen to your heart and look at the silence surrounding all of this part of Italy. An intimate spirituality flies over this territory: Fossanova Abbey, Trisulti Certosa, Montecassino Abbey, San Faustino Abbey. They are just a few sparkling examples of what it is possible to discover in searching of silence, love, truth.

This part of Lazio is perfect for a wedding requiring sun, luxury of territory and beauty of Nature. Here it you’ll find incredibly beautiful colors, enchanting and intense fragrances, moreover the magic of Bonheur.

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