Wedding in Monferrato: a gift of love through Fall sparkles

Wedding in Monferrato: a gift of love through Fall sparkles

My soul is ready to give in to the sweetest dream of our wedding in Fall. I know, it’s gonna be a stunning wedding in Monferrato, in Italy. Just as I’ve always dreamt it secretly in my heart.

Dreaming among good fragrances and history

I woke up this morning just thinking about you. The sunlight seeps through the curtains of this magical relais laying down the Monferrato hills. Where the wooden shutters have a flavor reminiscent of a ripe, freshly apple. And where the comfort of my room and the royal entrance in the large hall… What a delight to my hearth and my eyes. I feel like I am entering the castle of a queen of Savoy.

Everything is perfect, as I dreamt, as you dreamt. As we dreamt together when for the first time you looked at me and I glanced back at you.
One look was all I needed to fall in love with you: do you remember? Harmony glances, secret and naughty, among sparkling flutes. We were attending our short-course of wine tasting from Langhe, Monferrato, Roero.
A warm and authentic wine like our desire of being togheter, red and passionate like our true love.

Wedding in Monferrato fall grapes Italy

My dream comes true

And now, just before going together to our massage tête-à-tête at the internal spa of the Relais, I loose myself over the pure white sheets, dreaming of our Big Day…

A stunning wedding en-plein-air while the warm sunshine brushes our wondering faces. The itinerant photo shooting through vineyard and its fragrances d’antan, colored of red, green and golden grapes. Our wedding party full of lights and warm hugs and kisses, fine food and good wine. Your awesome suit made in Italy, my second gown for the wedding cake. My wonderful white italian shoes personalized with our names and wedding date.

What a magic, what a magical Love!

Wedding in Monferrato fall bridal italian shoes

Wellness and Sweet Life, welcome to Italy

Thank you Life for this stunning moments!

When, moving from the wonderful city of Casale Monferrato direct to south, on board of a vintage car with the open hard top. Pure passion! When you brought me to Asti city in order to taste its genuine Moscato. And kneeled down in the middle of the Palio square under the sunset light, you asked touching: “Will you marry me?” with a sparkling diamond on a golden and precious ring made in Italy.

And then we went straight southern and southern across the Strada del Vino Astesana, until CanelliLa Morra, Cuneo for spending a a pleasant unforgettable week-end skiing across the Alpi Marittime. How many unforgettable things you were able to make me live in just three days spent in one of the most beautiful region in Italy! Full of history, traditions, architecture and pure italian lifestyle!

Wedding in Monferrato fall violet wedding table

And now that I’m going to tell you my “Yes” once more…. Once again you have impressed me by choosing a dreaming location as a perfect landscape for our wonderful Love.
You are just arrived. I say nothing, words are not enough to tell you my feelings. I look into your eyes only and I gently smile at you.

And we lose each other once more to the sweetest dream we’ve ever lived together.

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