Wedding in Padua and the Euganean Hills: art, nature and thermal wellness

Wedding in Padua and the Euganean Hills: art, nature and thermal wellness

I remember that day very well. It was a warm Friday at the end of April, only a few hours before my graduation. I felt nervous but happy, because he was there, by my side. I missed him a lot in the past few months and suffered our distance. I moved to Padua two years ago to complete my university studies while he worked abroad. Before leaving, we got engaged and we would get married after my graduation. And that day, after my proclamation, he gave me the ring, in front of all my relatives and friends.

We are spending the next days in Padua and I’ll introduce him to the beauty of this city. I fell in love with Padua at first sight and I dream of my wedding in this enchanting atmosphere.

My wedding in Padua among many artistic beauties

We walk embraced under the arcades of the historical center of Padua and I begin to dream. I imagine us while posing, hand in hand, for an unforgettable photoshooting among theese pieces of art and majestic architecture. We arrive in Piazza dei Signori, greeted by the legendary Astrario Clock Tower. Then, we visit the historical places where the Comune of Padua welcomes civil cerimonies: the Hall of Ceremonies, the Gran Guardia Hall and the Livio Paladin Hall with the pensile courtyard of Palazzo Moroni. The elegance of these historic frescoed halls conquers us.

We decide to take a break in the renowned Caffè Pedrocchi, which overlooks the main squares Padua. Here, we discover two other fascinating wedding venues: the golden Rossini Hall and the white Renaissance Room. There, art and luxury meet and I already imagine my guests at ease. I look at myself in a large baroque mirror on the wall and I can already see myself smiling with the white dress on and the bouquet in my hands. It would be an exclusive, elegant and refined ceremony in a vintage and sophisticate atmosphere.

I want to persuade at all my future husband of our wedding in Padua. That’s why we visit Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel too, we cross some of the ancient bridges over the water and we admire some timeless wonders, like the Basilica del Santo. Finally, we rest in Prato della Valle, getting lost in our dreams of love.

The most romantic wedding reception in the Euganean Hills

The Europe’s largest square inspired me for a new itinerary. My boyfriend and I are going to discover the Euganean Hills. I have often dreamt about my wedding: after the celebration and the photoshooting immersed in the Paduan art, we move to a natural area for the wedding reception. So we discover that the Euganean Hills, very close to Pauda, offer some real natural oases of peace to celebrate our wedding. Picturesque landscapes, gentle slopes covered with vineyards, olive groves and woods welcome and surround us. We are fascinated by this atmosphere and we cannot help but visit some of the most historic and famous Venetian villas. Their vast gardens and breathtaking panoramic views would be the perfect setting for a romantic outdoor reception.

Thermal wellness to complete our wedding

Before starting with the organization of our wedding, we decide to take a few relaxing days. We take advantage of being here to enjoy some peaceful moments in Montegrotto Terme. We spend some hours of complete relax in the thermal waters, saunas, mud baths and massages. During our short stay, we discover that even the thermal towns on the Euganean Hills offer some excellent ideas for celebrating a wedding. Firstly, they offer wonderful locations for the weddings’ receptions. Secondly, we think they could be the ideal place for our guests to stay the day after our wedding. In this way, our wedding in Padua will be perfect! At this point, I believe that there are no more doubts about our wedding’s location. Padua and the Euganean Hills have conquered us.

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