Wedding in Portofino: the romantic side of Liguria

Wedding in Portofino: the romantic side of Liguria

The eighth wonder of the World: your wedding day in Portofino, Italy

wedding in Portofino waters

Along the jagged coast of the “Riviera di Levante” in Liguria, stroked by the sky and kissed by the sea, stands Portofino, once known as “Portus Delphini” hamlet. The natural bay of Portofino lovingly embraces the beautiful coloured houses, which during the day are reflected in the waters below, during the night are part of the mysterious charm of the silent sea.

All around the promontory there is a protected marine area, while just outside the city centre starts the unspoiled nature of the Natural Park of Portofino, between hikings and little paths among the hills, fields of olive trees and chestnuts trees. Not far away there is the Church of San Giorgio with its immense view on the bay above that stretches almost to Genoa.

wedding in Portofino boat

In the background, glimpses of lives lived by the sea, between colored boats and fishnets. A simple kind of life, attuned to the nature all around.

Portofino “second soul”: the international tourism

Versatile and always new, Portofino shows proudly the antithesis of its two different romantic sides: one of tradition and nature and one of high class luxury tourism.

wedding in Portofino landscape

The Marine of Portofino is in fact has always been a meeting place of the worldwide jet-set as well as the prettiest attraction of the bay. Despite the fact that it is indeed the smallest harbour in the world, the Marine has been welcoming the best of the elite tourism, which once the luxury yacht is anchored, pours into the city centre looking for the most famous fashion ateliers: Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana are just some of the great fashion firms which adorn Portofino main square, called “La Piazzetta”. Close by, many local fashion boutique sell high quality clothes of incredible design.

wedding in Portofino sunset

But Portofino isn’t only luxury shopping, its elegance and exclusivity have reached even its cooking. Many are the fine restaurants along the coast, and their seafood dishes are simply the best: fresh fish, the sea just a little above and an explosion of tastes in your mouth.

Getting married in Portofino

But now it should have become clear that Portofino makes Liguria one of the most special destinations to celebrate your wedding day. Whatever the spirit of your wedding is, Portofino will surely always give you its best parts.

wedding in portofino Castle

Here we have already talked about the Brown Castle. Seated on the top of the hill, it looks down at the entire city, making for a charming and emotional location, symbol of Portofino inner soul. Strong asset of the Castle is in fact the huge panoramic terrace overlooking the beautiful bay below. At sunset, with the lights of the Marine that flicker far ahead and the reflection of the square and its boutiques on the waters, it’s gonna be a breathtaking view.