Wedding in Puglia Italy: love is everywhere

Wedding in Puglia Italy: love is everywhere

Wedding in Puglia, an endless beauty

Wedding in Puglia Italy landscape

A wedding in Puglia is a wedding of splendour. How could it be otherwise?

You are in Puglia,  between the sun-kissed beaches of Salento, the rocky seashore of Gargano and the fields of olive tree groves. Between the splendour of the ancient “Magna Grecia” and the artistic soul that survives in the great cities of this land, from Lecce and Brindisi to Bari.

You are in a land that doesn’t want to fit in, that was born and still continues to grow as one of a kind destination, which finds its old traditions in the Alberobello and Cisternino’s “trulli”, but reinvents itself everyday in the old manor farms, converted into stylish venues.

A land that gives you emotions as well as memories of days in the sun.

For the more traditional hearts: the wedding ceremony

For the spouses that don’t want to give up their religious roots, Puglia offers its whole cultural and artistic heritage in the beautiful cathedrals and churches, scattered on the whole territory. The choice is wide and highly distinctive: every church has its own artistic nature, from the decorations of the façade to the colour palette of the glass windows. They will be not only the perfect surrounding to your love vows, but also an important ingredient of your ceremony, a part of the couple’s personality.

Wedding in Puglia Italy Cathedral


If you want to surround yourself with a lot of guests and amaze them with beauty and brightness, you can choose one of the great cathedral in the city. For exemple the “Santa Croce” Cathedral in Lecce, a triumph of Baroque decorations on the fronton, or the Cathedral of Brindisi, with the bell tower on one side, or the Cathedral of Foggia, whit its huge façade of white stone.



Wedding in Puglia Italy Alberobello

If you desire a more intimate ceremony, wrapped in a warm and charming architecture, you’ll be welcomed by small churches spread throughout all Puglia, beautiful in their simplicity. The “Sant’Antonio di Padova” Church in Alberobello has a very peculiar structure, which recalls  the shape of the “trulli”, a highly typical structure of the territory. The same thing can be said regarding the “San Marco dei Veneziani” Church, a small jewelry in the city of Bari, with delicate icons painted near the front door.

Second option: the civil wedding

Surely there are a lot of possibilities to celebrate your civil wedding in Puglia. The land is full of charming open air locations that offer the magic of their green gardens and the sophistication of their panoramic swimming pools. Masseria San Felice, Torre del Parco, Casale San Nicola, Castello Monaci… only some of the many fantastic locations at your disposal!

Wedding in Puglia Italy Sabbiadoro

But there is more! If what you have always dreamt is a wedding by the beach, the beach club Sabbiadoro (Monopoli, Bari) can be your answer. Dance floor, open-bar on the beach, a white gazebo on the seashore and space for more than 250 guests: the sea has never seen a more beautiful celebration of love.

The final step: the most beautiful wedding venues in Puglia

The wedding rings have been given, the pictures have been taken and the spouses have run through a cascade of rice and confetti: the time of celebration has come. Whatever your tastes are, whatever your needs are, whatever your most precious dreams are, you will be able to find the perfect location: sophisticated and valuable, peculiar and elegant.

Wedding in Puglia Italy Castello MonaciWedding in Puglia Italy Villa Barone

If you want a princess wedding, then the Castello Monaci is your ultimate goal: medieval theme, ancient splendour, evocative games of lights. Villa Barone instead adds to its more rustic nature a romantic sophistication, a mix of innovation and tradition.

Wedding in Puglia Italy Masseria CiuraWedding in Puglia Italy Masseria San Felice

A constant feature in the landscape of Puglia is the restoration of old manor farms, reborn as elegant and polished wedding venues, which satisfy the most delicate tastes. New and old mesh together in a  harmonious balance, creating a brand new style, one of tradition and innovative design. It takes only one look at the “San Felice” or the “Ciura”  manor farms to fall in love with them.

Wedding in Puglia Italy Villa dei fioriWedding in Puglia Italy Torre del Parco

Torre del Parco and Villa dei Fiori are the perfect examples of the versatility of every wedding venues in Puglia. Two completely different atmospheres, one in an historical setting between wide staircases and enchanting gardens, the other surrounded by the magic of the enlightened swimming pool and by the dark stones of the buildings: both have one single goal. Because every location wants one thing: making your wedding in Puglia unforgettable.