Welcome to Sorrento: what are you waiting for? Say yes!

Welcome to Sorrento: what are you waiting for? Say yes!

  “Qui dove il mare luccica e tira forte il vento

  su una vecchia terrazza davanti al golfo di Surriento ..” *

wedding in Sorrento landscape


This is the way in which Lucio Dalla, italian songwriter, presents Sorrento, the setting of one oh his most famous songs of all times, Caruso, a sweet ballad dedicated to Enrico Caruso, one of the greatest italian tenor. Just few days before his passing, Enrico Caruso was actually staying in Sorrento, at the Hotel Vittoria, where he used to give some piano lessons to a young lady he was in love with. And it’s exactly in the same hotel room that Lucio Dalla composed this beautiful ballad, accompanied by the same piano Caruso had used before, the scent of the sea and the citrus trees breezing through the open windows…

Discovering Sorrento: surprise after surprise…

Bay after bay, wave after wave, tree after tree, Sorrento slowly comes to life. A rare and unique landscape, seated at the edge of its rocky coast, but always on thin balance with the sea, able to spark a magical attraction in whoever see its beauty. After all, it is called the “land of the sirens”, legendary creatures who used to bewitch unaware sailors with their melodic singing, just to let them crash against the rocks.

wedding in sorrento sea

But Sorrento is more than bright colours and shining sun, more than citrus trees and the breeze of the sea; it’s a land of culture, birthplace of one of the greatest italian writer, Torquato Tasso, it’s a land of Nature, with more than 150 km of itineraries through the hills, it’s land of history, made by Etruscans, Romans and Greeks. It is a city who inspired many romantic poets and talented artists, but above all, a city who will inspire your love.

Wedding in Sorrento: one event, many ways to celebrate

From a city of such natural beauties it’s only fair to demand a great amount of stunning wedding locations: historical villas and Relais surrounded by olive trees, Luxury Hotels overlooking the sea, high quality restaurants and an old town centre rich of charm.

For example, the Grand Hotel Riviera, a 4 stars luxury facility, offers the beauty of its two wide terrace and an amazing landscape: with the Gulf of Naples behind you and delicate decorations all around you, your wedding reception will surely become a day to remember.

wedding in sorrento hotel

Villa della Porta instead is an historical propriety from the Renaissance age, which proudly stands out in its brightness against the dark green background of the hills. Absorbed in the beauty of Sorrento, you’ll enjoy a reception perfectly attuned to the surrounding nature.

wedding in sorrento villa

But there is more! Sorrento gives you the opportunity to celebrate a civil wedding in the enchanting San Francesco Cloister, enclosed by a portico with unique pointed arches, a majestic tree in the middle and the feeling of an ancient mystery filling the air. If instead you’re looking for a more “cultural” wedding, the Correale di Terranova Museum can become the place of your wedding ceremony. The warm lights, the rich furniture and the sparkle of the Hall of Mirrors will make your wedding the prettiest work of art of them all.


* “ Here, where the sea shines and the wind is strong / on an old terrace above the Gulf of Sorrento..”