Wedding in Veneto: the 10 most wanted destinations for future spouses

Wedding in Veneto: the 10 most wanted destinations for future spouses

Wedding in Veneto? Yes, please!

Veneto is among foreigners’ favorite Regions for their weddings. Maybe because some want to emulate VIPs and stars, who’ve chosen the Land of Venice for their weddings, or maybe because this Region offers locations for harmonizing every style.

Celebrating a marriage lives on traditions, but also glamour and trends. So here’s the list (a list, not a ranking!) of the destinations to consider for the future newlyweds of 2020, and some tips on how to make it unforgettable.

1. City of Art

Veneto and art are a combination that has made it through history: the Region offers a vast choice of cities, which are well suited to celebrate elegant, classic and sophisticated weddings. Set in picturesque settings, surrounded by the scent of antiquity and artistic culture, classy weddings are a timeless trend. Cities like Vicenza, Treviso, Padua, Rovigo are just some of the locations suited to this wedding mood.

2. Seaside

Golden beaches and you, walking barefoot in the sand towards your beloved one, guided by the sweet sound of water. The Veneto occupies a distinct position in the heart of those, who dream of a marine-themed wedding: Jesolo and Cavallino-Treporti are, in fact, among the very few beaches in Italy on which you can celebrate the civil marriage. And then, Bibione, Caorle with their vast coastline an outstanding background for a photo shooting. And there, lulled by the gentle sea breeze and enchanted by the colors of the sunset, you can say “yes” and enjoy a unique celebration together with your guests.

3. Lake Garda

A mirror of fresh and peaceful water: Lake Garda is the largest in Italy, and with its colors and its charm touches on the dreams of every couple approaching the wedding planning. The reason, or better, the reasons why the shores of Lake Garda are among the most popular places for weddings are the villages and small towns overlooking and framing it. Its tendency to give an almost nostalgic feeling suits particularly true romantic souls. 

4. Dolomites

For fiancés who love nature and want to experience the thrill (the winter thrill), the Veneto Dolomites are the perfect combination of glamour, adventure, and romance. Whether you’d rather go for a wedding on the skis, or for a celebration by the fireplace, one thing is certain: your guests will be enchanted. The Dolomites are therefore perfect for sport-themed weddings, but also for fashionable ones: ever heard about Cortina d’Ampezzo?

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5. Delta del Po

Fairytale scenery, protected and pure nature, a visceral relationship with the Mother Earth: the Po Delta area has magnificent scenery, suitable for private and intimate weddings. Here, the time seems to have stopped just for you: if you’re looking for particularly beautiful landscapes, whether you prefer a wedding on horseback, or riding a bike: then go for it! Bike wedding, for the diehards of healthy living; shabby chic or country themed wedding, for those who dream of entering on the back of a majestic Camargue horse.

6. Hills of Prosecco

Hills embroidered with vineyards, DOCG-branded products and centuries of history and tradition: these are the characteristics of the main territory of the upper Marca Trevigiana, the perfect scenery in which to imagine yourself on your wedding day. The landscapes suddenly open up behind a bend: fields of ordered grapevines climb up the slopes or wind their way along the soft hillsides. The trend of wine wedding is taking on more and more, thanks to the opportunity of combining the beauty of the view to the many possible treats for your guests. You can surprise your guests with wine and food tastings, bringing them on a journey of flavors and taste.

7. Venetian Villas

Majestic architectures, the typical white of the Venetian Villa standing out on the green of the park, high ceilings and frescoes, thick walls and, in those who look, only a feeling of wonder in front of it. An aura of romanticism has always surrounded these timeless places, making them the perfect wedding locations. Internally (and externally) it is possible to organize any kind of wedding, making your special day a remarkable day.

8. Villages

If you love the intimacy of a small town, if you like the medieval atmosphere of the stone walls and castles, be aware that Veneto can offer also this! If you want to give your big day a feudal impression, all you need to do is picking an alternative. In the Veneto Region, there are 10 towns or villages listed in “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”. For the lovers of historic locations, places like these are the perfect settings for your best day ever: the timeless charm of history will be its glorious crowning.

9. Venice

Venice, among the most romantic cities in the world, is the cradle of many past love stories and certainly of many others that haven’t been born yet. Rich in history and art, it emanates a magical atmosphere and remains in the hearts of anyone, who sees it at least once. So it is inevitable to think of a stylish wedding, without considering Venice. Piazza San Marco stands out among the most desirable locations, especially for the photo shooting, but Venice is also much more. The islands that constitute and surround it often host fabulous resorts, perfect if you are looking for a more reserved wedding, without inappropriate flashes. 

Wedding in Veneto: wedding on the Grand Canal by Nicola Da Lio

Try to imagine a more tender situation, than a gondola ride on the Grand Canal, perhaps at sunset, maybe in a white dress, possibly just after having said “yes”.

10. Verona

This magnificent city, famous all over the world for the longing and romantic love story between Romeo and Juliet, is in the top ten places chosen by foreign fiancés as a destination for their wedding. A small, human-sized city, yet so rich in art and history: Piazza Bra, the ancient bridges over the Adige river, Castelvecchio, the ancient city walls and of course the Arena. If that’s not enough, consider how nice it would be to celebrate a literary-themed wedding right here: the Shakespearean tradition and the wonders kept in the Capitular Library will convince you.