Wedding in Verona, a love story like Romeo and Juliet

Wedding in Verona, a love story like Romeo and Juliet

Organising your own wedding is one of the most exciting things, but also one of the most difficult and stressing ones. You lose yourself reading magazines and websites, thinking about the location, thhe banquet and the party. On the other hand, sometimes (most of all if you are libras like me) you just can’t decide! There was just one thing that I was sure: I love Veneto, literature and Shakespeare, so I decided to celebrate my perfect wedding in Verona. But where? There are so many romantic and stunning places! To choose the location, I decided to write down a list of the places that I loved the most. If you are hopeless indecisive like me, I’m sure you will find it very helpful! I’ll write it here, so you’ll be able to make your choice without going crazy.

Wedding like Romeo and Juliet

When I found out that’s actually possible getting married in the Juliet’s Home, I just couldn’t believe that! The municipality can give each couple the house for 60 minutes, so you can celebrate your civil ceremony and exchanging vowes. You can also call a musician, and the person who will celebrate your wedding can also be someone you know (with the help of an officiant). The ultimate fairytale wedding!

Verona, Juliet's Home

Museo Degli Affreschi (Fresco Museum)

In the same way, you can also choose the Museo degli Affreschi. On Thursday and Saturday morning, you can rent the beautiful Sala Giacomo Galtarossa for civil ceremonies, for a time of 30 minutes. You can also personalize it with flowery decorations and getting married there, surrounded by art and the solemnity of that stunning place.

St. Anastasia Church

If you prefer a more classic wedding in a place of worship, you must consider the St. Anastasia Church! Situated in the city center, it’s one of the most important churches of the city. Imagine saying “yes” in the perfect gothic place, decorated by flower arrangements of every kind: if thinking about it make you feel the butterflies in your stomach, it’s definitely the place for you!

St Anastasia Church, Verona

Palazzo Della Ragione

Another interesting place is th Palazzo Della Ragione. It was once the core of many political institutions that decided the fate of the city during the centuries, and now it can be rented for an hour to celebrate your wedding. The ceremony will have place in the Cappella Dei Notai, with its beautiful vault painted in blue and gold by Marchesini, Bellotti, Canzani and other famous artists. If you want to give your wedding an elegant touch, this is the perfect location.

Cappella dei Notai, Palazzo della Ragione, Verona

Barbieri Palace

Last but not least, the Barbieri Palace could be a valid choice for your magic day. In neoclassical style and inspired by roman buildings, it contains many painting showing the story of the city. Beautiful and breathtaking is the tapestry room, furnished by huge canvases from ‘500 and precious artifacts.

Palazzo Barbieri, Verona

Beside these places, it’s possible to rent many country houses inside the city, so you don’t have to move for the ceremony and the banquet, and you can celebrate your wedding all in the same place. So, as you can see, Verona is a beautiful and enchanted city where you can celebrate the perfect wedding literally everywhere: you just have to choose!