Wedding in Vicenza: elegance among the Palladian views

Wedding in Vicenza: elegance among the Palladian views

The heart of Veneto holds a rare pearl between the flourishing Berici Hills and the gentle green plains. This charming and refined Renaissance city is elegant, romantic and hospitable. It seduces thanks to its picturesque and historical views and breathtaking panoramas. Keep reading to discover how to live your wedding in Vicenza.

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Many couples fall in love with this territory at first sight and they choose the location for their wedding in Vicenza. Their wedding will be a dreaming one thanks to the multitude of suggestive locations that this city offers. From the most popular villas and noble residences to the timeless romantic gardens, Vicenza offers wedding locations for all tastes.

Locations for all tastes

The charm of a villa wedding is timeless. It is synonym with style and elegance, not by chance the most recent wedding trend location is the Palladian villas of the Vicenza area. Romantic frescoed halls, UNESCO heritage architectures, and fairytale gardens are the perfect setting for receptions and ceremonies.

Love me in Veneto: wedding in Vicenza in Villa Valmarana ai Nani
Villa Valmarana ai Nani – Vicenza

Among the Palladio villas, situated in the city center, the rose garden of Villa Valmarana Nani is ideal for big outdoor receptions. Do you prefer the bucolic landscapes that embrace Vicenza? Then, the vast centuries-old park of the historic Villa Ghislanzoni Curti is the right choice for you.

Wedding rings in the world capital of jewelery

The evocative architectures that define the Vicenza’s identity are not the only ones to make its historical and cultural heritage. This city boasts the title of the world capital of jewelry because they practiced the gold working here since the pre-Christian era. Let us remember that the Barbarians already exchanged rings as a sign of promise during the marriage, to witness their loyalty. Today exchanging the wedding rings is the richest and most exciting gesture experienced during the wedding day.

Love me in Veneto: wedding in Vicenza, couple exchanging wedding rings

Wedding rings are the discreet and eternal witnesses of a unique moment. Therefore, their choice must be accurate. Firstly, choose and personalize your wedding rings among the multitude of jewelers arranged all around the city. Furthermore, Vicenza keeps its goldsmith tradition alive thanks to VicenzaOro, which is one of the most important gold jewelry exhibitions. It has a rich calendar of thematic events, and you can find the most suitable exhibition to satisfy your wedding needs. Searching for wedding rings and jewels could become easier with VicenzaOro.

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Wedding in Vicenza: the culinary tradition

The ancient traditions of Vicenza continue to amaze couples who choose this charming Venetian city as their wedding location. Do you want all your wedding guests to be satisfied with your menu? Then, choose some dishes based on the typical ingredients of Vicenza cuisine: you cannot miss them!

Black truffle of the Berici Hills, homemade honey, red radicchio, Sopressa Vicentina DOP, sweet Venetian Berico Euganeo ham, duck ragu sauce, and the famous Vicenza-style cod are just some of the gourmet excellences of the territory. So, from appetizers to desserts, your menu will satisfy every taste… guaranteed!

Love me in Veneto: wedding in Vicenza, couple by the water

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