Wedding in Italy: 2017 trends

Wedding in Italy: 2017 trends

For all brides who dream or are planning a wedding in Italy, ahead of the 2017 trends.

This New Year will reserve unexpected surprises, pastel colors and charming villages.

Where to get married in Italy in 2017

For the diversity of choice that offers, Italy is beautiful in every season.

If you’ve planned your wedding in the spring, Venice, Trieste and Rome are beautiful destinations, both for receipt and for an unforgettable honeymoon.

For a winter wedding, the best destination is the romantic Matera, Florence and Perugia.

Cities like Verona, Naples, Orvieto, are fascinating at any time of year.

The premise remains the willingness of the spouses to discover new love nests to live fantastic moments. The Belpaese is an enchanting sight to live a step by step.

Wedding Dress 2017 trends

As we said before, this is the year of pastel colors. In addition to the classic white and evergreen floral patterns, bold brides can focus on pastels. Colors like pink, green, turquoise, make the history of the clothes of this in 2017 to discover.

The innovative elements are bows and plunging necklines, the contrasting details on the white and unusual fabrics.

Wedding Banquet in 2017

The old tendencies to a vegan lifestyle have now become healthy habits of many.

This year minimalism replaces the tendency to waste, favoring organic products, healthy and qualitatively excellent. For a luxurious banquet, therefore, better to bury the indigestible menu to point to well-being.

Wedding Location 2017 trends

Depending on the wedding you dream, every location in Italy will satisfy for sure the bride and groom.

2017 trends lead us to a reception style industrial design, made of geometric lines filled with romantic flowers, bulbs exposed and strong contrasts between wood and steel. Fantastic mix to try on a farm or in the lounge of a luxury Resort.

Here the best location for your wedding in Italy