Wedding at the Kolbe Hotel Rome: a dream that comes true

Wedding at the Kolbe Hotel Rome: a dream that comes true

Since childhood, Rome has always fascinated me. I saw a lot of documentaries on TV about it and I dreamed of it. Sometimes, I was a princess walking along the streets of the old town, sometimes a queen coming down the steps of Piazza di Spagna next to my king.
The more I grew, the more my desire to go there increased. My father, who often traveled to Italy for work, always brought me some souvenirs and the shelves of my room were studded with small statues of Roman monuments.

I studied Italian language and literature at the University.
And then one day, I fell in love with Valerio, my Italian conversation partner. He asked me to marry him. I loved him madly and I said yes, without any hesitation. I wanted my story to start like I had always imagined it when I was a child: a queen with her king in Rome. And we married there.


A fabulous reception at the Kolbe Hotel Rome

We celebrate the marriage in a Gothic-Roman Basilica located on the top of the Campidoglio hill.
Thanks to the proximity to the Roman Forum, most of our shots took place among these historic ruins. Of course, we could not miss to walk hand in hand through the streets of the city and there, among stolen kisses and tender hugs, we completed our guests during a reception in the garden of the kolbe hotel rome

However, the best moment of the day was our wedding reception at the Kolbe Hotel Rome. Our entry was triumphant while our guests were waiting for us in the hotel’s garden. There, an inviting buffet was set up.

We walked along the alley covered with white petals until we arrived inside that intimate and private oasis. Olive trees and citrus trees populated the garden all around us, creating a fairytale atmosphere. That peace and the heady scent of that nature made us forget that we were at the center of a city.


Gourmet delicacies at the Garden Restaurant “Al Palatino”

After the aperitif, we sat on the panoramic terrace of the charming Garden Restaurant “Al Palatino”. There, elegant round tables awaited us, covered with white tablecloths and decorated with fresh flowers centerpieces. The banquet was better than we could have ever imagined.

To the typical local gastronomic delights, the chef paid much attention to our origins, enchanting our palates with recipes of high international cuisine. To top each course also, the sommelier recommended us a different wine.

After lunch, when the sun went down, we cut the wedding. We moved back to the garden, which was now flooded with candles that amplified the romantic atmosphere. The cake stood out in the middle of a small gazebo. It had seven floors and a colorful floral drapery that ran down the side. I will never forget the divine goodness of that cake.


Our first wedding nights at the Kolbe Hotel Rome suite

The following days we took the opportunity to visit Rome, before leaving for the honeymoon. The Kolbe Hotel Rome had offered us one of its best suites and I could not miss the chance to live my dream to the fullest. We traveled all around the eternal city, explored every corner of history and ate a lot of Italian food. Every evening when we returned to the hotel, the comfortable suite was waiting for us: a hot bath in the jacuzzi, room service and a view of the ancient Rome.

They were days of relax and love. If I think back to my wedding in Rome, I still get excited.
My childhood dream came true and having lived it with my lover was the most beautiful experience of my life.


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