Wedding in Liguria: 5 romantic destinations

Wedding in Liguria: 5 romantic destinations

Appear on the Tyrrhenian Sea, with its colorful and picturesque villages, Liguria is gaining a prominent place in the field of wedding tourism in Italy.

Let’s find out 5 destinations for weddings in Liguria

Sestri Levante for a fabulous wedding in Liguria

sestriBehind a rocky promontory, on the alluvial plain of Gromolo, is Sestri Levante.

This Ligurian town, situated on the Riviera di Levante, is also called “city of two seas”. The historic center of Sestre, in fact, overlooking the two bays “Fairy Tale” and “Silence.”

Small curiosity: the name “Bay of Silence” was invented by Hans Andersen, guest in Liguria in 1833.

Sarzana for a wedding in a traditional Liguria

Crossroad already in the ‘300 between Liguria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, Sarzana, town lies at the foot of Mount Sarzanello.

Because of its nature as a “border”, Sarzana is rich in traditions, customs and stories from the heart of Italy.

With its medieval appearance it is one of the most picturesque villages for a wedding in the name of tradition.

Genova for a superb wedding in Liguria

genoca“You’ll see a royal city, leans against an alpine hill, superb for men and walls, whose only appearance the Lady of the Sea”


Genova, also called “La Superba”, is a city full of history, mystery and charm. Among his “caruggi” have met and clashed lives of every century artists, but to discover its charm must live it. A wedding in Genoa is a unique choice for the few.

Portofino for a VIP wedding in Liguria

portofino-1418439_960_720Located on the Gulf of Tigullio, the town of Portofino does not need any introduction. Scene of numerous movies, praised by the best artists, Portofino remains the most popular wedding destination for vips.

Monterosso for a wedding in Cinque Terre in Liguria

monterossoAt the foot of beautiful hills covered with olive trees and vines, we find Monterosso. With its sheer cliffs into crystal-clear waters, you will only make you fall in love. The Obertengo castle and the typical tower-houses are a fantastic setting for any romantic occasion.

Between the Cinque Terre, Monterosso is the best equipped for its accommodation.