Romantic Middle Ages at the castle of Stigliano

Romantic Middle Ages at the castle of Stigliano

More and more brides choose unusual and original solutions for their wedding. On the other hand, the number of couples who still dream of an elegant reception in a fairytale castle does not diminish. Trying to make that dream true, to discover the soaring tower of the Castle of Stigliano between the peaks of the trees can mark a goal achieved.

Originally built during the ancient Roman era, the building passed through many changes over the centuries, appearing today as a real fortress with medieval features. The castle is characterized by a massive body, crenellated to the top and enriched by a tower. Inside of this one there’s the highest room, with trusses on the roof, and decorated with many original medieval weapons. It’s the perfect place for romantic dinners and sumptuous wedding receptions. Attached to the castle there is also a private chapel.

Ancient medieval opulences are re-evoked in the eyes of the spouses and guests, starting from the entrance, between the classical stone statues, all the magnificent trees that embellish the park, the massive stone and brick walls, the furnishings, the candelabra, the noble frescoes, and some armor.

Castle of Stigliano armor


Stairs, cellars and parks

If the atmosphere hasn’t conquered you yet, surely climbing the wooden staircase, to reach the highest floors, can make every woman feel like a medieval lady for a day at least. And like any castle, the castle of Stigliano also offers another staircase, which leads to the underground cellars. A perfect setting for an original photo shoot and a fresh welcome cocktail, protected from the heat of the most sultry summer days.

And what if the season was mild and pleasant? The ideal solution is represented by the lush and large park of the castle. Here the spouses and the guests can enjoy a cocktail in the shade of a modern tensostructure. Or they can take a short walk before dinner, kissed at sunset by the sun’sr ays that cut through the foliage of ancient trees.


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Castle of Stigliano park