Music of the heart: how much does it matter on your wedding day?

Music of the heart: how much does it matter on your wedding day?

Wedding music: how to choose it

What should never miss during any fun and happy time? Music, of course!

Quiet background in the restaurant, fundamental part of every pub, subject at school, food for thotught. Music stimulates people in very different ways, causing marvel, happiness, melancholy, sadness, fear in each of us. But one thing’s forr sure: music moves everybody. Even the most unmoved, self-restrained person will let himself go while hearing a good song, giving in the magic of music. Music is then the ultimate queen of the party, the one thing that turns it on, that breaks down walls and encourges people. This is why it can’t be missed on your wedding day!

wedding music kiss

However, most of the time music become our last thought during the madness of the wedding planning, treated like an unwelcomed burden. Because choosing the right music, even if it will bring only tons of joy, it’s a very heavy duty. First of all, it’s hard to find someone who can sing or play any instruments properly, then it’s hard to pick the right tracks and their order, especially it’s hard to match them to your guests’ music tastes.

The first step then is to make clear which type of musicians you’re looking for: DJs, orchestras, bands, quartests, choirs or rising pop stars? Once you have established that, everything else will smootly come along, even with the help of the artists themselves. But this doesn’t mean you have to stick with only one music genre thorughout the all reception. A very cool idea is to match the music to the most important moments of the wedding: the welcome cocktails, the wedding couple’s arrival, lanch/dinner, the cutting of the wedding cake, the newlywed’s first dance or the throwing of the bouquet. Each one requires a specific music atmosphere.

musica matrimonio pista ballo

The welcome cocktail and the following wedding banquet are the moments of social interaction, so the music has to be soft, at low volume, so people can chat and get to know each other. The arrival of the wedding couple instead has to be a drammatic entrance, so the right music goes from the classic wedding march to an exciting pop or rock track. The most up beat singles will have to wait for the end of the night, when after food and well whishes, everybody is ready to party on the dance floor. There are so many different songs to choose from, the most important thing is to match the music with a filled dance floor!

musica matrimonio abbraccio

The most delicate and intimate moment is the cutting of the cake, a very emotional circumstance at the end of the wedding banquet. The bride and the groom will cut the cake, hands linked together, bodies connected. The cutting of the cake can be a very sensual and warm moment, one which will require a very romantic soundtrack, maybe the newlywed’s favourite song. Or the one that made them fall madly in love.