Wedding photography shoots made in Umbria:Andrea Cittadini

Wedding photography shoots made in Umbria:Andrea Cittadini

Andrea Cittadini falled in love with wedding photography shoots in 2010, beginning his successful curriculum to the great success.

Cittadini, a citizen of the world hunting for the perfect shoot

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After being the first photographer to be admitted to the Umbrian WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association, the largest international association of wedding photography reportage style), he has been able to combine his passion for reportage with photography for weddings, participating in the World Experience Project, a trip with a crew of journalists with which to tell the new trends in wedding photography in the world.

Climbing the pinnacle of success, in 2012 he won the title of Photographer of the Year by the AG | WPJ.

He won a loto of contests and prizes not only in weddings photography, but also for many other styles.

Andrea is an artist in constant evolution, always looking for new ideas and with a great desire to travel and to know the world around him, to learn more about himself, too.

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Start to form part of the exclusive international association “Best of Wedding Photography”, his works have enjoyed a showcase of international importance, as to be appointed judge in the WPS international competition.

In 2014 he became part of the “Selected Wedding Photographer” of ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers) and to date, camera in a hand, he travels the world with the couple.

The question is all focused on… targets

« I firmly believe that the wedding photos of the couple should talk and, in time, remind them of your wedding day emotions.»

Marriage, to Andrea, is a story to tell, made up of unique and unrepeatable moments: as an external narrator of a novel, is an extremely professional photographer, discreet, which tends to keep a low profile so as not to influence the natural course of events .

The underlying theme of all his work can be summarized in one word: emotion.

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Andrea captures the authentic emotions of the protagonists but also of friends and members of the family, mingling with the guests and shooting photos when no one notices.

Merit or fault of his passion for model aircraft, Andrea is a real perfectionist, so much so that loves to build complex wedding album layout and photo collages.

And ‘thanks to what, flipping through the wedding photos for this artist, you’ll feel thrown in the same atmosphere of the great event that Andrea told with his shots; also the light is never tampered with, since it is a way to respect the choice and style of the couple, depending on whether a marriage that took place, during the day or night, indoors or outdoors.weddings photography



Umbrian in heart and soul, Andrea has traveled the world but he always returns home; he loves taking long walks with her beloved bulldog along the shores of Lake Trasimeno, where you fall in love every day of his wonderful land, always a source of great inspiration.

«… is during the matrimony photo shootings in Umbria, as in Tuscany, that I realize I have two in particular muses who guide my art: the emotions and the light.The Emotions are the very key who shapes the photo service: they are unique for each couple and this unicity draws the story through my photos.
Speaking about the light, Umbria and Tuscany are my favorite regions for this aspect. Here the light is unique, warm and enveloping and it makes it all the more magical any time. (…)»