Best places to stay in Tuscany: 3 original ways to ask for her hand

Best places to stay in Tuscany: 3 original ways to ask for her hand

Here are three best places to stay in Tuscany and original ways to ask for her hand during a romantic weekend.

Have you found your soul mate and you’re trying to think of an extraordinary way to propose?

Tuscany is an incredible place for the promise of love.

A City of Art for a Proposal between Masterpieces

Unbeknownst to her, book plane tickets for Florence, the capital of Tuscany. Once you land, you’ll find yourself in a veritable dream. The city is an open-air museum. The Cathedral, the Baptistry, the great churches, statues, lodges, and hidden alleyways: a chaos of art and culture. Not to mention the Boboli gardens that will intoxicate you with perfume and color.

From Florence, travel to Siena, perhaps the best preserved medieval city in Italy and famous for its Palio, a traditional horse race in the city square. Siena is a city of mystery, in which you can walk for hours in its narrow twisting streets that seem to spiral or pass over each other. One of these streets leads to the Civic Library. There you can read a few pages from great poets, rebels, visionaries of love eternal and absolute, love beyond death, like Dante for Beatrice.

Here, she could not help but answer, “Yes, I will.”

Best places to stay in tuscany, Tuscany Honeymoon

Ph. Anthony Argentieri

Love in Val d’Orcia: Like the set of a film.

Rent a car and set the navigation system for Val d’Orcia, south of Siena, where you will find many natural hot springs. This unique territory was formed about 5 million years ago when the retreating sea deposited the layers of sand and clay that form the upper strata of the valley. The baths that this process created represent the most cultured forms of idleness, understood as being of body and mind, in the manner of the ancient Romans.

The village of Bagno Vignoni has, at its center, the Piazza delle Sorgenti (the “Square of the Springs”) where, for over two thousand years, a 49º C. hot spring has flowed up from a depth of 1000 meters. Bagno Vignoni has a unique town plan as the inns, houses and the church of Saint John the Baptist all developed around this central pool.

It was here that were set many of the most beautiful scenes of the film Nostalgia by Andrei Tarkovsky.

“We need to make poetry live again. We must take it to the streets in the cities, scatter verses in the metropolis and small towns, and understand that poetry is a part of the simplest things.”

Is it strange how something as fleeting as film, or life, can capture ideas so eternal?

Best places to stay in Tuscany

Ph. Helmut Plamper

A Proposal for Life Together, set to the rhythm of the waves

The sea – how great is the desire for a plunge into her? The midnight swim and soft beach where you continue the embrace; if this is the ideal setting for your love, Forte dei Marmi and Versilia are the recommendations for you.

As you walk, hand in hand, on the shore, you may imagine all the great loves that have been here before. Especially ideal if you are a sporty couple, you may choose to windsurf or climb the Apuane mountains. In the evening, a cocktail, a dinner for two and then… the night is open. Dance in the clubs, or listen to music, Italian and international, played live by great artists.

After a day such as this, ask the question. Ignite the spark that begins your future together.