Wedding ring trends 2020

Wedding ring trends 2020

The wedding ring is the ring you will wear your whole life. A beautiful jewel that seals the eternal love between you and your soul mate, and every time you will watch it, you will remember how lucky you were to find each other. Yes, but which one to choose? There are so many types, as many as you like! So, here are all the newest wedding ring trends.

Wedding rings from goldsmithery of Vicenza

Vicenza has always been the capital of gold, and for a good reason. From medieval era, goldsmithery represented for this city a profitable activity, and now more than one thousand companies work in this sector. What makes it different from the others is its refinement and attention for the details, with a touch of modernity but without forgetting the past and the traditions, so rich and luxurious. A wedding ring bought in this city could be the best choice if you want something typical from Veneto, and linked to the artisanal traditions of this magic place, also to support all its small companies and kilometer 0 products.

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Artisanal wedding rings

If you are easily bored by what’s too classical, the perfect alternative could be an artisanal wedding ring. Done on commission, you can customize it how much you want. What makes this kind of wedding rings special is that they are unique in the world, and they represent the uniqueness of your love. The goldsmithery district of Vicenza is one of the most important and precious in the world, so it pays attention to every single detail and guaranteeing high quality, perfect result for every need or taste.

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Something special: multicolor wedding rings!

It can happen to be indecisive on the color of your ring, and you can just decide what’s better between yellow or white gold. Well, why not both? One of the coolest trends for wedding rings this year is choosing a bicolor one, entwining the metals to create beautiful and unique rings. You can also choose a tricolor one, including a beautiful rose gold to give an elegant and refined touch.