Wedding in Rome and in the Lazio region: old and current habits

Wedding in Rome and in the Lazio region: old and current habits

To get married in Rome and Lazio region: some courious information

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One of the favourite destination of foreigners people for their wedding is Rome, with its archaeological sites and its everlasting charm. In the Lazio region is not only Rome that offers ideal locations for your wedding, but also other places rich in history and culture. Tivoli and Old Ostia, for example, are renowned elite destinations. For a romantic wedding we suggest you the lakes area of Bracciano, Viterbo, Bolsena and Vico. Even the Pontine Islands offer stunning scenery for your wedding.

Some wedding traditions date back to the ancient Romans. The Roman marriage was preceded by an engagement ceremony: the couple exchanged gifts to each other and the man gave the ring to his girlfriend, to declare his full possession of the woman, who guaranteed her loyalty. The ring was stuck, like today, in the ring finger of her left hand, not by chance: it was believed that from this finger a vein or a nerve went straight to the heart. In Rome there were three forms of wedding: confarreatio, coemptio, usus. The first was initially between patricians then between the priestly class, and soon fell into disuse. The second was originally a real act of sale, in which the groom bought the bride from her father. The usus finally established that a couple who lived together continuously for one year could be considered married.

In confarreatio we find some things in common with today’s wedding: the white dress of the bride, the habit of wearing the veil (already in Greece), the wedding banquet. The evening of the wedding the bride was brought to the groom’s house by a procession: after a number of rituals the two friends lifted the bride and brought her indoors to avoid stumble, it would be a bad omen! This ritual to carry the bride still exists today.

And now more recent habits: according to legend, in Grottaferrata (Rome), during he night before the festivity of Corpus Christi, the boyfriend fills the girlfriend’s door with flowers but, if their relationship is not happy, the boyfriend will leave mostly nettles and other herbs. In the Ambrosian rite even today newlyweds can decide whether to be covered by a veil supported by parents or witnesses, as they did in the Middle Ages. An unusual tradition is the cut of the groom’s tie. The “pieces” are sold to the guests as a symbolic souvenir: the profit is given to the newlyweds.

Choose the Lazio region to get married: this region offers many villas and castles rich in history!