Your wedding in Sorrento: your reception at Castore wedding location

Your wedding in Sorrento: your reception at Castore wedding location

 A terrace of Castore wedding Sorrento: Italy

Getting married in a unique scenario in Italy: Sorrento

Your wedding in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, the Sorrento peninsula. Castore is an ideal location for any type of events. The Castore’s staff will take care of every detail: rooms’ outfitting, decoration and entertainment. Your wedding is a unique event for Castore: all the rooms will be booked and used only for your ceremony, so you can spend the most exciting moments of your life in total privacy and without any hurry. Castors is located amid the green hills of Sorrento and has two terraces overlooking the islands respectively of Capri and Ischia, and the Bay of Naples.

Sorrento is a special place characterized by sea, mountains, hills and terraces of citrus. The Sorrento lemons are famous and have special characteristics, such as a zest rich in essential oils that make it very fragrant. Sorrento is a source of inspiration since the ancient Greeks: mythological place of the Sirens, was a necessary step in the nineteenth century  for young European noblemen who traveled the Grand Tour in Italy to complete their cultural training. Sorrento hosted distinguished intellectuals such as Byron, Keats, Scott, Dickens, Goethe, Wagner, Ibsen, Nietzsche. The famous tenor Enrico Caruso spent in Sorrento the last period of his life and the singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla wrote the very well-known song “Caruso”, inspired by the hotel room where the tenor was hosted.

If you like a peace and quiet place with unparalleled nature, if you want a romantic wedding and to observe different landscapes  which change color according to the time of day, Sorrento and Castore are just the points of reference you are looking for!


Via Nastro Azzurro, 15 | 80067 Sorrento | Napoli

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