Wedding stories: interviewing Marco Onofri

Wedding stories: interviewing Marco Onofri

Marco Onofri photography exhibition at the San Leo Castle, within a beautiful village focused on wedding events.

The charming village of San Leo welcomes all the soon to be wedding couples in its castle, set of Marco Onofri’s photo exhibition, focused on the wedding reportage. Fours rooms of the Renaissence fortess were set up with thirty pictures printed on cardboard poster 60×90 cm. The exhibition will remain open to the public till the 24th June 2017.

We met up with the photographer Marco Onofri, owner of “Senape” photography studio in Cesena, a great talent who has become one of the most required professional in Italy, and not only for his wedding repotages. Thanks to his instinctive and intense style he acquired a wide number of clients and was able to get the attention of many international gallery managers and art collectors.

Marco Onofri phography

Marco, how did you choose the right photos for the exhibition?

” It’s the first wedding exhibition after ten years. I tried to select the photos that best represent my creative and natrual style. Whenever I made a wedding photoshooting, my aim is to tell a story, the bride and groom’s story.”

Do you follow a specific tecnique when taking a photo?

” No, usually I don’t. All i have to do when I’m behind the camera is forgetting all about making a good shot and instead trying to capture the righ moment, the right expression, the right look. It’s the only way to make sure that when the wedding couple go throught their wedding album they feel like living those moments once agian.”

Marco Onofri photography

Talking about wedding album, you’re known as one who can alwyas offer original and unique products: where does your inspiration come from?

“I just listen the bride and the groom: I let them talk and understand whta they truly want. I like to amaze people, and so I’m always offering something quite unique and new. My wedding albums are not the classic type. A few years ago I create a way to make a virtual wedding album available directly on an I-pad throught a wedding app. Another idea was to create a series of boxes with a printed lid and inside the wedding photoshooting in different sheets, so that every picture could be easily chosen and exhibited. Now I’m focusing on another “work in progress” idea, more original than ever.”

You’ve been a photographer for more than ten years now, even if you studied to become a designer: how and when did this passion of your born? 

” I realized that the most beautiful parts of my day were the one I spent with a camera on my heands. So I decided to quit my previous job and to open my own studio. I simply followed my dreams, nourishing my passion and creativity.”