Brides on the air

Brides on the air

When the perfect wedding dress is found (and tried on) on TV

Followinf from the beggining the planning of such important event requires attention, perseverance and skills. And the attention and perseverance are just behavioral features, if you’re looking for to improve your wedding skills don’t worry, all you need is to watch one of the many wedding television shows on air.

They are already so many, and their number keep on growing, as new american formats flood the italian channels.

There isn’t a wedding toppic that wasn’t somehow addressed: from the wedding cake to the bridal makeup. But what truly stands out in all these TV show is definitely the wedding dress.

Abito da sposa cercasi”, “L’abito dei sogni”, “Abito da sposa: Beverly Hills”, “La stilista delle spose”, “Randy: SOS matrimonio”, “Enzo missione spose”.

wedding televesion showswedding television shows

There are just a few wedding television shows in which the soon to be brides, all of them very emotional and muddle-headed, find the perfect wedding dress after endless tears and occasional mass hysteria.

wedding television show

Another great TV format is one in which the brides fight one another without holding back. In “Four Weddings” 4 brides rate the location, dress and menu of their competitors’ wedding; the price is a breathtaking honeymoon.

wedding television shows

Then, there are those wedding television program just for the strongest minds, just like the one in which the future bride not-so-gladly entrusts all the wedding planning process – all down to the smallest details -to her fiancé. The poor boy, usually with a very small budget, will have to buy shoes and dress for her bride, choose the location for the reception, the cake and the menu … pratically everything.

Usually it all ends well, with a rather well planned event and a quite happy bride, ready to say that everything was just as she has ever hoped… well, until the lights go down!