Wedding tourism in Italy

Wedding tourism in Italy

When you fall in love with Italy, it’s born an innovative niche market: the wedding tourism in Italy.

Italians do it better!

To confirm the Italian-Love combination, a search of JFC Italy tells the beautiful country seen through the eyes of tourists; Italy is in the first place ‘history and cultural beauty’ (16.3%), ‘charm and desired location’ (12.9%), ‘romanticism and beauty’ (12%) and ‘food’ (11%) . Also significant is the reason for the ‘story’ of the experience, they made friends or acquaintances who were married in Italy (10.5%), and ‘landscape’ (10%) “.

Bel Paese to fall in love

wedding tourism in italy

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Italy is the favorite destination in the world for wedding tourism, a trend which records an annual growth of + 10%. Trendy phenomenon, about 44 million tourists every year visit Italy, 352 000 – about 8% – do it to get married, celebrate anniversaries or honeymoons. Only in 2014 were 6,724 weddings of foreigners celebrated in Italy, almost doubling the numbers of the previous year!Among the first nationalities to marry in Italy; English, Chinese and Japanese Americans and Russians are quite prepared to spend 51 thousand euro in marriage. They are eloquent data, which confirm the entire Italian skills to attract, enchant and welcome lovers around the world to say Yes most important of all life.

In the summit, Venice, Florence, Rome, Lake Garda, the Senese countryside, the Amalfi Coast to Capri and Salento.

Wedding tourism in Italy

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A conference organized by Toscana Promozione has brought to light the issues of “Destination Weddings in Tuscany”, the first wedding tourism survey conducted by Study Center Tours of Florence. In 2014 even 1,963 marriages of foreign couples have chosen as a setting a location in Tuscany and which generated 94,134 arrivals and 405,246 presences well. Florence is the the more popular province for celebrations and location for the festivities, which has cut 50% of the market with an estimated turnover of 55.2 million euro, 47,161 arrivals and 206,565 presences.

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