Guest on a mission

Guest on a mission

How to not be the ultimate destroyer of your friend’s wedding photos: what to wear to a wedding 2017 guide


It’s a huge responsibility.

And not only if your job is  choosing the perfect wedding gift, carrying the bride’s veil or reading out loud during the ceremony. Being a wedding guest is not a simple task. So it’s only natural that the bride won’t be the only one to loose her mind over her outfit.

The wedding guests will forever be remembered through many photos taken during the day, and any inappropriate outfit could potentially ruin the photoshooting overall style. Photos that will be seen by sons, nephews and generations of people that will point to that girl all dressed in black and say with shock “What on earth was she wearing?”

Simply a nightmare.

But it can (and must) be avoided.

We can gather all the 2017 spring and summer fashion trends in three different categories: the perfect fashion inspiration for every lucky wedding guest.



They have being following us since last winter and they don’t seem willing to be stopped. As hem of an otherwise simple dress are classy and flirty, very on trend when wrinkling the sleeve of a midi dress, funny and breezy on the neckline of a dress of bold colours.

What to wear to a wedding  What to wear to a wedding  What to wear to a wedding
Carmen March                                               Roksand                                     Paper London



The irresistable pastel colours are the perfect match to a young and fresh look, very romantic and summer appropiate.

What to wear to a wedding  What to wear to a wedding
Boutique Moschino                                     Self-Portrait



Maxi dresses and long gowns, the everlasting must of every wedding look, blossom with floral prints with bold colours, which makes even black wearable. The jumpsuit remains the best alternative to the classic long dress.

What to wear to a wedding What to wear to a weddingZara