Winter wedding: 5 destination in Italy

Winter wedding: 5 destination in Italy

If you love the cold, the smell of chestnuts, if you have other plans for the summer, what it does for you is a winter wedding!

Belpaese offers a lot of destination for a wedding during the winter.

Here 5 beautiful cities to get married in Italy.


Verona is a wedding destination all year round, but in the winter you can watch the life of the historical center of this beautiful city. Between the squares and the palaces built around the Arena, winding alleys full of romance and history.

Besides the house of Juliet, the trip that we recommend to all married couples is the “Well of lovers”, not far from Piazza delle Erbe.

From December to Valentine’s Day, Verona is the most sought after wedding destination for a winter wedding that respects.


In the heart of Umbria, Etruscan matrix, Perugia is a bright and lively town.

For the most devoted brides, remember that in the Perugia cathedral is preserved the “Sacred ring”, wedding ring relic of the Madonna.

Perugia offers a picturesque setting that lends itself as a setting for an evocative and unforgettable wedding. Ideal for the budget conscious brides to tradition.


Shrouded in mist of the lagoon, full of mystery and rich in art, you can only deserve a place of honor in our ranking of the locations for a winter wedding like no other.

Elegant, chic, magical, far from the world and from the time the rest of the world, Venice was at his best when lived in a gondola, between the magnificent facades of buildings on the canal that will make your special day.


Charming, intimate, quiet and reserved. Matera is a destination that will surprise you for the exclusivity of its scenarios.

Already famous for being the set of many blockbuster films, make a fairy tale of other times your winter wedding.

Spectacular from food to crafts in its sheer simplicity founded mainly on tuff, will imprint itself in the hearts of your guests.


Cradle of the Italian Renaissance, home of the best poets of Italy, Florence is a city that can not fail to fascinate.

An obvious choice for those visiting Italy, a luxury destination for a winter wedding. Its historic center is a UNESCO heritage and there is little to add as its reputation precedes it.