Winter wedding in Veneto: how to cuddle your guests

Winter wedding in Veneto: how to cuddle your guests

Is your wedding date approaching and will the winter season frame your love? Have you chosen the Veneto landscape to celebrate your wedding? Well, any location there becomes enchanting in winter. Will you be the king and queen of the magical snow-covered Dolomites? Or will you choose for a modern thermal wedding on the Euganean Hills? Do you prefer the timeless charm of a historic Venetian Villa in the elegant Vicenza? Or do you want to get married in a small medieval village next to Verona, the city of lovers? Did the classic charm of the romantic lagoon of Venice seduce you?

If you are finalizing the final details for the big day, don’t forget your guests! Although they are immediately conquered by a splendid location …. On the coldest days, they are a little spoiled so that they can fully experience all the emotions that you will give them that day. Here are some tips on how to pamper guests at your winter wedding.

5 tips to win your guests over

  1. Place soft and warm blankets on the seats where the wedding ceremony will be celebrated;
  2. Do you want to make your guests forget the cold soon? Let them immerse in a warm and welcoming environment by choosing warm colours for the decorations in the reception rooms (brown and pink, for example) and also for the lights (candles cannot miss!);
  3. Have a “hot drinks corner” set up with infusions, hot chocolates, herbal teas or steaming liqueurs and choose a menu mainly with hot dishes to warm the guests;
  4. Will your reception be heald in a chalet? Offer your guests the opportunity to get there on a sled. An exclusive and original experience that will entertain even the most reluctant to snow;
  5. Prepare a winter wedding bag for each guest: put in it a pair of warm mitten or heart-shaped hand warmers inside.

With these five tips you will conquer even those guests who are not very fond of winter. In this way, you will make everyone feel the magic and beauty of winter …

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