The wonderful world of Rocchetta Mattei castle (Bologna)

The wonderful world of Rocchetta Mattei castle (Bologna)

Rocchetta Mattei castle

There is a unique castle on Bologna’s hills: Rocchetta Mattei, built from 1850 by the Count Cesare Mattei on the ruins of an ancient castle which goes back to 1200 century. The count invented here the Electrohomeopathy, a medical remedy which attracted every day sick people eager to experience this medical method that spread eventually throughout Europe. At first glance, the fortress has an Arabic style design, but is actually a mix of styles from different ages and places.

“It is a varied and graceful group of towers, some thin with colorful spiers and golden domes, others larger with pinnacles battlements shaped, surrounded by massive walls” (Arturo Palmieri, In Rocchetta with Cesare Mattei). Count Mattei designed a series of architectural illusions: false wooden ceilings actually papier mâché decorations, faked stucco actually paintings, cabinet doors and walls almost everywhere covered with paper that looks fabric.

This characteristic castle has recently repaired by the Savings Bank of Bologna, which is the current owner of the Rocchetta Mattei castle.

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