Verona: a love beyond the hate.

Who doesn’t know Verona? The unique city of Veneto region, where all around you can breathe love and remember the famous love of the unliky couple Romeo and Juliet. You can see a signal of its historical periods in its architecture: from the settlement of the Romans, to the age of commons, to the era of the Signoria of the Scaliger family until its Venetian and Habsburg dominations.
Piazza Bra offers a wonderful sight: the roman Amphitheatre, well know as Arena, where you can relive the atmosphere of the ancient splendor  seeing  one of the splendid opera performances. For your marriage you have to remember the immortal  love of Romeo and Jiuliet, visiting Jiuliet’s house and taking wonderful pictures on the balcony. If your love is in trouble or you want to ask something to Jiuliet send a letter to the Jiuliet Club: Juliet’s secretaries read and answered to each letter, stored in an archive, that contains thousands of love stories and countless words of love.
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