Villalta Castle and its legend

A magic kiss broke the spell. Guinevere of Strassoldo, who had turned herself  to stone to resist an admirer  who had kidnapped her, was freed by the nobleman  Odorico of Villalta,  his  groom. A love stronger than adversity in a splendid medieval castle. The romantic atmosphere of the castle is exhalted by the ghost of Guinevere, that wanders the ancient manor during the night.  This charming place is an essential and special destination even for its draw-bridge, its defence towers, its picturesque internal courtyards. It is lovely to walk among its olive trees and fruit trees and the castle produces its own olive oil and honey. At times cultural events, conferences and weddings are allowed to take place within, to spend an unforgettable  day  in a location rich in history.

Villalta Castle
Via Castello 27, 33034 Villalta di Fagagna
Phone number:  0432/800171